Live-In Weight Loss & Residential Fitness Boot Camps – What to Look For, Price Comps and More!

When it comes to weight loss, make sure that it is FAT LOSS or else you will be in for more yo-yo dieting. Chances are you have already done a lot of this and you don’t need further discouragement and failure. It takes a bold approach to recognize that you need help losing weight.You may already know what to do. However, you have established behavior patterns and eating habits, which will continue to sabotage your efforts. You are sick and tired of defeat and that is what has brought you here.

With little exception, most all the residential weight loss retreats and live-in fitness boot camps enlist chefs and nutritionists to prepare your meals for you ikaria  lean belly juice. Generally speaking, this will allow you more rest and relaxation time between workouts. However, you may be the type of weight loss client who needs hands-on practice to form new habits and duplicate the wellness lifestyle on your own at home.

What you need to look for when you attend a fitness camp and weight loss spa is a live-in boot camp that is a real wellness lifestyle you can continue to apply at home. If you learn how to read labels, shop for the right foods, and learn to prepare them at home/take them with you/order the best menu choices…then you have a wellness lifestyle that will serve you the rest of your life. That makes it a good investment for your commitment and money.

I have counseled many weight loss clients who have done this. They go to extreme weight loss boot camps to lose weight without focus on sparing muscle or learning how to eat healthy at home. If the fitness resort or weight loss center prepares your food without your participation in the grocery store or the kitchen, then you will not have formed the most important habit you need for weight loss success and maintenance.

In researching for this article, there is only one Weight Loss Bootcamp program advertised on the Internet where professional personal trainers invite you to their private residential fitness home to live as they do 24/7. For some weight loss clients, this is the only way of learning to form new habits to put into practice when you return to your own home. Attend all the nutrition and exercise classes, but for some…until they actually practice doing it as a lifestyle they just don’t get it.

What makes this type of program so effective is the live-in personal trainers who help you to get in shape quick while you are in residence AND teach you the disciplines you need to take home with you for weight loss maintenance. This is an actual 24/7 approach and works for the highly motivated client. Therefore, they offer very limited booking availability at the Las Vegas Live-In-Fitness because of their small-scale program. No other camps advertised on the Internet offer this type of 24/7 live-in program.

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